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Our Solutions

We offer web service based solutions and custom application and content development for all clinical specialty areas. We focus on clinical issues where the complexity of decision making has increased rapidly due to a high number of treatment options, rapid introduction of diagnostic technologies such as genetic and bio-marker tests, and rapidly evolving diagnostic capabilities.

Our web services are highly focused in clinical scope and are easier to implement and integrate into the physician's clinical workflow. We include update services that inform clinical users of changes to the evidence and help them not only understand the changes but quickly identify patients who may be affected. All of our services follow industry standards for data integration and use of coded terminology sets.

Congruent Systems can delivers new content solutions on our existing decision support platform or develops new tools based on your requirements. We have engineers with experience across the health IT landscape including advanced skills in health systems architecture, clinical terminology, guideline development, domain specific languages and natural language processing.

Guideline organizations can benefit from the conversion of their static guideline content into computer executable guideline content (CEGLC). Congruent Systems can convert this content or help your organization transition to a completely computerized guideline development process. The resulting content can then be used to create both CEGLC and more traditional static content such as PDF guideline documents and navigable web based content. The live, interactive content can then be delivered within other health IT products, mobile applications and payer rule systems more readily and consistently.

We can provide training for your staff in test driven clinical content development, a methodology we have pioneered that ensures high quality clinical content with strong version control, workflow automation and automated test tools developed over 12 years of working with guideline and specialty organizations. We can work with your expert panel to solicit guideline decision tree flows and associated rules.

Our Products

Safety Check is a clinical point of care web service and application for integrating safety checklists into your practice or hospital health ecosystem. The tool presents simple checklists, checklists with multiple levels of dependencies and checklists that have patient dependent criteria. A companion iOS app will be available for safety check in mid-2012.

Guideline Author is a set of tools and methodologies for creating highly structured clinical guidelines, protocols and rule sets that can be presented to users through existing health record (EHR), order entry (CPOE) and payer authorization systems. The toolset includes the decision tree author, rules author, version control and the automated test suite.

Case Management HUB is the Congruent Systems Patient Relationship Management (PRM) tool. This tool can support case management, outreach and wellness activities and nurse triage when used with our CDS engine and Integration Suite. The Congruent PRM tool is based on one of the leading open source CRM systems (fat free CRM) and the Mirth Results Patient Data store.

Integration Suite is the Congruent Systems modified version of the Mirth Connect and Mirth Results Open Source Integration Engine (Connect) and and Patient Data Store (Results). This suite of tools enable us to integrate with most any standards compliant health information system in scenarios where the application can not directly call our service or the application needs to send patient facts using older standards. Congruent Systems has a full time Mirth certified engineer on staff that can help integrate our solutions into your health IT landscape.

Consulting Relationships

Congruent Systems can deliver a solution for you that include our core CDS products, healthcare focused open source solutions or we can custom develop a solution for you. We promote open source development in cases where there is a broad audience that may benefit from the sharing of tools and methods.

Our Team

Hank Head

Strategic Product Leadership, Product Design

Hank Head has held top strategic product leadership and strategic planning positions at numerous clinical decision support / medical informatics companies. He has designed and delivered clinical decision support (CDS) and advanced electronic health records (EMR/EHR) systems for governments, NGO's, diagnostic, insurance and other private sector companies such as McKesson, Medscape, LabTracker, Virco Diagnostics, and TherapyEdge.

His most recent projects involved the creation of highly structured guideline content for the national comprehensive cancer network (NCCN) which helps physicians and payers more effectively use guideline evidence at the point of care. He has also created systems that use genetic data to optimize treatment options and has authored four unique decision rules authoring systems for the creation of high quality clinical content.

Technical Architect - Ken Auer, RoleModelSoftware

Developer - Dayyan Borhanian

Content Analyst - Glenn Peirce

About Us

Congruent Systems is a clinical decision support (CDS) company that delivers evidence based clinical content and applications for guidelines, safety checklists, diagnostic and treatment selection. We deliver cloud based content that can be easily integrated into your EHR, CPOE or other health application.

CDS as a web-service enables Health IT application developers to rapidly integrate decision support content into their applications and not be saddled with the expense of decision support infrastructure and costly clinical content maintenance. Our content is designed to be delivered in a non-interruptive user friendly way that physicians can tailor to their individual needs. When possible, we can help you measure key metrics and user satisfaction with the tools or content.

Our service offerings include custom content development, developer support and turnkey application development to meet your decision support needs. If you are a guideline organization, we can help you turn their prose guideline content into computer executable content that can be leveraged in health record, order entry and payer systems.